Wanderlust at the Whiteside: The Circus Arrives in Corvallis, June 29th

wanderlustWhen was the last time you went to the circus? If your answer ranges from “never” to “a few weeks ago,” it is likely that you’re due for another visit; especially if we’re talking about the ever-changing Wanderlust. A new show for every leg of their tour, the closing of this month will see one of Portland’s favorites come crashing into town at the Whiteside Theatre!

This current touring incarnation of Wanderlust, titled The Endless Road, tells of a “muscle beach bad boy” falling in love with an acrobat from the circus. Looking to sweep her off her feet, this hero of the neon 1980s must first unravel the secrets of the wandering circus. As explained through jugglers, dancers, aerialists and acrobats, the story is bound to captivate as it is actualized right beneath the beautiful Whiteside ceiling. And hey, if that doesn’t wet your whistle, perhaps a chance to experience something called “Mister Creature and his amazing Pneumatophone” will do it.

One of only two tour dates left in Oregon, don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness a local and modern incarnation of an age old tradition. Tickets are available at www.boxofficetickets.com.

By Johnny Beaver