Nu Acoustics: Made Loud and Proud in Corvallis

There’s a new pro audio manufacturer in town—a one-man show run by Daniel Lovato—called Nu Acoustics.  Lovato has been building speakers for 12 years and went into business a little over a year ago building professional quality gear for clubs, concerts and mobile deejays.

Nu_Acoustics“I used to go to music stores and see what they had,” he said.  He said that the sound quality for most live pro audio speakers just wasn’t there.  He asked himself, “Why couldn’t they be loud and sound good?”  So he started figuring out ways to improve sound quality while meeting volume requirements.

The speakers also have to be durable, as they are constantly being moved, dropped, and rained on.

“We focus on reliability more than anything else.  We try to make something you buy once and it last 20 years,” he said.

And since he designs and manufactures every speaker he sells, he knows the quality of everything going into them.  He also sources locally as much as possible.

“If I can’t get a part from Corvallis, then I try to look in Oregon.  If I can’t get it in Oregon then I look elsewhere in the US,” said Lovato. “Even though I’ll be selling nationally I’m pretty proud that we’re actually making everything in Oregon.”

His website just went live but he already has his speakers working around Oregon.  Locally, Impulse Bar and Grill on Monroe, where Lovato is also a bartender, uses his speakers.

I can tell you from experience that they are amazingly loud and sound equally as great.  They look good too: svelte instead of the usual chunky.  Check them out online at

By Lana Jones