Buy Local Invites Corvallis to Sit and Eat: Enjoy Breakfast and Support Local Business on June 29th

The Corvallis Independent Business Alliance (CIBA) was formed in 2002 by a group of small business owners looking to fend off the advance of “big box” stores in Corvallis. Eleven years and countless small victories later, CIBA invites the public to come taste the fruits of Corvallis independents’ labor at their annual Buy Local First Breakfast.

cibaKate Lindburgh, co-owner of local business Animal Crackers Pet Supply and president of CIBA, spoke with us about the event and what’s new with the organization.

“In 2002, when a Borders bookstore opened here, which was really one of the first big box stores to come to Corvallis, a group of local independent bookstore owners formed CIBA to figure out how to survive the big boxes,” she says.

CIBA uses meetings to help local businesses network with each other and to work together on the Buy Local First campaign, which strives to keep Corvallis dollars in the local economy. According to Lindburgh, when you buy local, as much as three times the amount of money stays in the local economy than when you buy from a non-local chain.

“That’s a direct impact,” she said.

CIBA recently elected two new board members as well: longtime local mainstay Kristi Hart of Barker Uerlings Insurance and Mike Weiner of Drawing Board.

The breakfast goes from 8 to 11 a.m. on Saturday, June 29 at the First United Methodist Church (located at 11th and Monroe). For $10, the public can enjoy a wide range of locally grown and produced fruits, veggies, pastries, breakfast dishes, and more, prepared by First Natural Alternative Foods Co-Op here in Corvallis.

“Here we are after 11 years, there’re still several independent bookstores in Corvallis,” says Lindburgh, “and no Borders.”

By Ygal Kaufman