Cuban Music at SubZero: Mayimbe Hits Corvallis June 20th

mayimbeNew York, D.C., San Francisco, and Corvallis—Mayimbe is touring the U.S. and hitting all the hotspots.

For those not up on the Cuban music scene in Peru, Barbaro Fines Y Su Orquesta Mayimbe, or Mayimbe for short, was formed in 2010 by pianist Barbaro Fines Forte.  A Cuban living in Lima, Fines has worked with many big names in Cuban timba music.

The 15-piece band will make an unprecedented stop in Corvallis, June 20th, at Sub Zero Night Club on their first US tour.  The tour follows their 2012 European tour that saw crowds of 3000 plus, and the 2011 release of their debut CD “De La Habana a Peru.”

The album has become a staple of the local Cuban salsa dance scene.  The piano-driven songs are melodic and immensely danceable with a mellow flow.  Sometimes I find it impossible to keep from singing along, even though I speak only enough Spanish to ask where the bathroom is or inform you that this cheese is old and moldy.  If you’ve ever made it to a Timba Tuesday at Impluse you’ve probably danced to their songs.  They are accessible to even non-timba music lovers.

The show will be 21 and over with tickets at the door for $40.  Presale tickets are on sale online for $35-38 at Brown Paper Tickets:  Info about the show is available on facebook:

By Lana Jones