Becoming Forest: The Body Habitat Project

DSC_6522Lisa Wells and her long-time friend Lily Gael created the Body Habitat Project to investigate the human body and its endeavors within many landscapes. Becoming Forest is a performance for the still camera that’s the result of their having spent three days in a forest exploring the concept of growing old.

Lisa, a Corvallis resident owner of Cedar and Fir Studio as well as a co-owner of Live Well Studio, describes how the “eyes” through which we look can color our perceptions and attitudes.

“When I’m in the forest, I see beauty everywhere. I don’t judge an aging tree or try to change it. It’s beautiful just as it is in nature and it’s easy to accept it as it is. When I remember that I am just a human in nature, I can see the beauty in my own natural body just as it is, without judgment and without trying to change it.

DSC_6621“I call this seeing with my ‘Body Habitat eyes.’

“For the majority of our lives, we believe we’re separate from the dirt, the trees, the bugs, the forest. Society’s eyes don’t see beauty in wrinkling skin, color under the eyes, gray hair. It takes effort to maintain Body Habitat eyes while living in society.”

Lisa and Lily hope that sharing the photographs of their performance at OSU’s Shotpouch Creek will encourage others to remember their own “Body Habitat eyes.”

The show runs Saturday, June 15 through Friday, June 28 at 365 Ferry Street, Salem. Join Lisa and Lily at the artist reception on Friday, June 21 from 5 to 10 p.m.

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By Lisa Yagoda