Linus Pauling Discussed at Science Pub: Monday, May 13 at 6 p.m.

science pub

At what’s sure to be one of the most interesting Science Pub’s yet, this May 13th will present visitors of the Old World Deli with a talk on two-time Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling—known largely in the public eye for his work towards uncovering the health benefits of vitamin C. Anyone who has sipped on a glass of delicious Tang knows, this is no slouch of an accomplishment, although the focus of this event will be on some of Pauling’s greatest achievements that are perhaps better known in the scientific community—such as his many contributions to chemistry. An OSU graduate, Pauling’s scientific voyage has yielded crops that will be producing sweet, useful, scientific nectar for years to come.

Speakers will include Steve Lawson, administrative officer at the Linus Pauling Institute on OSU campus, as well as Chris Petersen of the Special Collections and Archives Research Center, which is located in OSU’s Valley Library.

Science Pub is a free event and begins at 6 p.m. Old World Deli is located at 341 S.W. 2nd St. in Corvallis.

By Johnny Beaver