Director Huff Resigns at the Arts Center

The only thing that can follow a great Director stepping down that doesn’t involve a tear or two is that they have moved on to do good elsewhere. As of April 29th, David Huff two year veteran of The Arts Center chose to relinquish his position here in Corvallis after accepting the position of Assistant Director for The Oregon Arts Commission. For those of you not in the know, The OAC is Oregon state’s official arts agency.

During this time at Corvallis’ Arts Center, Huff has strengthened our community by way of building upon Arts Center programs, acting as a strong proponent for arts in the city and handled some tough budget issues with grace and prowess.

According to the official Arts Center press release, Huff said that “The last two years have been an incredibly positive experience for me. I look forward to continue my support of The Arts Center in my new role at the Oregon Arts Commission.”

Now looking to the future, the half-century legacy of the Arts Center will undoubtedly move on to even greener pastures.


By Johnny Beaver