The Bottlecap Boys to Release New Album: At Portland’s Wonder Ballroom, April 19

Reppin’ Corvallis, Luke Borsten invites you to Wonder Ballroom in Portland this Friday, April 19 to celebrate the release of his band, The Bottlecap Boys’, new album, East to West, soon to be available at our local record store, Happy Trails. Fellow folk-inspired acts Water Tower and Bitterroot, as well as acoustic guitar accompanied, early R&B vocals driven The Ruby Pines, will be joining The Bottlecap Boys on stage.

Preserving close ties to Corvallis, The Bottlecap Boys has rocked the stages at Squirrels and Bombs Away several times. Borsten himself grew up in Corvallis, attending Corvallis High School and playing in a few local bands.

While Borsten is “a total Corvallis boy,” the band began its story in 2006 when Borsten met Ross Becker at the University of Puget Sound. The two began playing music together in a variety of styles, including hip-hop, blues, folk, and funk. From there, the two would add Mike Raley’s classical sensibility on upright bass and Adam Willumsen on violin.

Their sound?

A freight train harmony exuding a positive exuberance and joyous camaraderie designed to make you smile. Borsten cites a range of influences from Bob Dylan, Modest Mouse, and Gogol Bordello, to the Avid Brothers, as well as any artist he encounters who is “genuine and engaging.”

His advice to new musicians?

“Find the music you love and more importantly, find the people who love what you’re doing and let them support you.”

Believing strongly in a simple theme of people working hard and supporting each other as a road to success, The Bottle Cap Boys are stoked to see this philosophy bringing them so far.

You can check out their music at:

by Joel Southall