Corvallis’ Bifrost Microbrewery: New Local Brews With a Nordic Twist

Jacob Oliver and Michael Galusha. Photo by Mitch Haines.

On the edge of Southtown hides one of the newest and most unique local breweries Corvallis has to offer. Established six months ago as a true home-brew setup, Bifrost Brewing was started by Corvallis locals Jacob Oliver and Michael Galusha. The two began brewing together as a hobby—it quickly developed into a full-on brewery driven by a love of great beer and a passion for Norse mythology.

Located on 3rd Street, Oliver and Galusha currently brew and serve out of a home garage. Using a one-kettle setup, the two try to brew at least five times every month, experimenting with many different types of beers.

When asked what they typically make, Oliver said, “We really like to experiment with different types of beer. We always like to try something new.”

The brewers’ love of Norse mythology is strongly evident in everything from the word “Bifrost” to the names of their beers.

“Bifrost is the name of the rainbow bridge that stretches from Midgard to Asgard,” said Galusha, who is the Norse mythology fanatic of the two.

The names of the beers are distinctively creative, such as their popular Valkyrie’s Kiss Pale Ale and the Shores of Gioll Vanilla Porter. While such names establish their beer as Thor’s drink of choice, embracing Norse mythology has also helped to establish a culture for the brewery.

On the first Saturday of the month, the community is invited to Bifrost Brewing’s tasting event. Pints and bottles are provided, and the brewery’s founders ask only for donations if their guests feel so inclined. While both Oliver and Galusha have invested a lot of their own money into the company, much of Bifrost is sustained by donations from these tastings.

Looking toward the future, Bifrost’s owners aim to expand the company into a retail space where they can sell their product to local pubs and in their own taproom. With the brewery’s profits, Oliver and Galusha plan to support many of Corvallis’ deserving local charities because they feel that the community has helped them so much.

“Eventually, we would like to have an event where each different type of our beer helped a specific charity, and any proceeds that we earned from sales could go to the designated charity,” explained Galusha.

Bifrost Brewing is located at 4955 SE 3rd Street; it hosts monthly tasting sessions on first Saturdays from 3 to 10 p.m. Find them on Facebook at for their calendar of events.

by Mitch Haines