Artist Tim Blackburn: Drop Out Art at Interzone

During the month of April, Tim Blackburn of Drop Out Art and the Temporary Artists’ Guild is putting on a special exhibit here in Corvallis at our very own Interzone. If you’re not familiar with Blackburn’s art, you should be: a fantastic stencil-based graffiti artist, his work is not only proficient on a technical level, but it transcends many of the cliches that tend to bog down the genre.

As a feature of the show that goes one step further to back that up, local art ensemble Symbiotic Quintet will debut a live music composition based on a piece of Blackburn’s Drop Out Art.

Blackburn’s art is available for viewing from April 1 through April 30; the Symbiotic Quintet show is on Saturday, April 20 from 9:30 to 11:30 p.m. This is one hell of a great opportunity to see local artists merge to create something new! Interzone’s prime slice of real estate can be found at 1563 NW Monroe Avenue.

For more information, visit Drop Out Art at or Symbiotic Quintent at

by Johnny Beaver