April Science Pub: Sex in Play: From Dolls to Sports, Sexualized Culture Affects Youth

This Monday, April 8, Science Pub Corvallis takes on sexualization. Elizabeth Daniels and Aurora Sherman, assistant professors of psychology at OSU-Cascades and OSU, respectively, will present “Sex in Play: From Dolls to Sports, Sexualized Culture Affects Youth.”

Come learn how the pervasive sexuality in everything from magazines to toys impacts today’s youth, from depression to eating disorders and more. Beyond the consequences, Daniels and Sherman will look at possible solutions to the near-omnipresent portrayal of women as sexual objects.

Although it’s more notably a problem for females, Daniels and Sherman will take a look at the other side of the equation, as well.

“We’ll be looking at theories and empirical evidence that sexualization is harmful to both girls and boys,” noted Sherman.

Learn more at Science Pub Corvallis on Monday, April 8 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Old World Deli, 341 2nd Street, Corvallis. The event is free. For more information, visit http://www.omsi.edu/sciencepubcorvallis.

by Jen Matteis