Brave Julius’ Music Video Debut: March 16th Concert at the Whiteside Theatre

This March 16, the Whiteside will premiere Brave Julius’ The Wind Kept music video, filmed at the Whiteside by local company Three Crows Productions, with an accompanying concert to celebrate the event. This event combines multiple creative elements, including the unique art of director and animator, Santiago, and Three Crows Productions.

With the intent of celebrating this momentous event, a whole concert has been organized with Portland performers, Luke Redfield and Kory Quinn and the Comrades. Brave Julius will also perform, with his “acoustic-centric, loop-enhanced instrumental” set sandwiched between Luke Redfield’s indie-folk and Kory Quinn and the Comrades’ hobo-blues Americana. The music video itself is still currently in production and will debut at the concert.

The renovation of the long-defunct Whiteside Theatre has been progressing fantastically, but there’s still much more to do—it’s important to continue support for this historic venue, which has showcased multiple talented Northwestern acts in the past year.

As Brave Julius music video producer David Baker stated, “It’s hard not to get pulled into how important the theatre is to the local community.”

Come out and celebrate good music and the continued development of this great venue. Saturday, March 16, 8:00 PM at the Whiteside Theatre. Tickets: $7. Visit kickstarter for more information on the theatre and on the music video project at And check out for more information on this local film production company.

by Joel Southall

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