Majestic Director Pearlstein Resigns

Majestic Theatre Executive Director Corey Pearlstein will be leaving his post according to one source on the theater’s board of directors—though a timeline for a transition had not yet been established at press time.

The board member, Laurie Zink, reported that Pearlstein had submitted his resignation and that the board is planning to meet with him to negotiate his departure.  Sources on the board reported that an executive session met on Monday, February 18 and that there was a consensus over what its next actions would be.

Pearlstein, who came to The Majestic in September of 2011 to take over as the Executive Director, is credited with both bringing a new diversity of shows to the venue and sometimes leaving animus in his wake.  Recently, as reported here last week, he came under fire for attempting to undermine advertiser relationships with this newspaper.