Green Giant Project: Local Puppets, Larger Than Life

Question: What do you give the city that has everything? If the first thing that pops into your mind is a 12-foot-tall, giant, wearable puppet, then you’ve hit a spot of luck. That’s right: Local resident Vincent Adams and a team of other brilliant folks are well on their way to making this a reality via the Green Giant Project.

Not to be confused with the purveyor of frozen vegetables found in our childhood nightmares, the Green Giant Project is, according to its website, “a collaborative effort to explore the artistic, technical, and social aspects of giant puppetry.”

And that’s no joke, as the description of their current build boasts a design that will be capable of dancing, running, and interacting with people on a much greater scale than your typical parade bobblehead. Take that and add to it the fact that it’s going to be decorated by Tim Blackburn of Drop Out Art and Corvallis’ Temporary Artists’ Guild and internally lit for effect at night. Once this friendly giant is up and running around town it’ll surely become a recurring staple of our local culture.

Be sure to keep your eyes out for the Green Giant this year, as it has the Oregon Country Fair, the Fall Festival, Da Vinci Days, and more on its tentative schedule of appearances!

Interested in contributing time, materials, or cold, hard currency to the project? Just want to check out what’s going on? Visit or check them out on Facebook.

by Johnny Beaver