Shingles the Sad Clown’s Cavalcade of Sorrow: Blue Comedy at Cloud and Kelly’s

Sorrow and laughter join forces at Cloud and Kelly’s Public House the night of Friday, Feb. 15, starting at 9:30 p.m. “Shingles the Sad Clown’s Cavalcade of Sorrow: A Standup Comedy Show” is the first spectacle of its kind on the Corvallis comedy scene. We’ll see sets from veteran Corvallis performers like Terry Geil and Michael Cunningham, amongst others. The show will be hosted by Shingles the Sad Clown, a divorced, widowed clown college drop-out who cries tales of woe, plays the accordion, and performs failed clown tricks. After being attacked and spit on by children during his days on the birthday party circuit, being banned from several hospitals for scaring the terminally ill, not to mention his inability to continue volunteering at nursing homes due to constantly losing those who love him most… Shingles the Sad Clown is ready to tackle the standup comedy scene happening fairly regularly at Cloud and Kelly’s. He’ll make you laugh; he’ll make you cry.

There are currently regular monthly standup comedy performances at Cloud and Kelly’s, called “Comedy Goes to College.” Back in 2011 and 2012, local comic and entrepreneur Dan Crall organized a few standup comedy showcases at Cloud’s, and is back at it during these slow, dark days of late winter. Experience the sardonic, Midwest cynicism of Michael Cunningham who, like many other Corvallisites, fled the concrete trap back east in search of greener pastures. Brownsville’s Terry Geil, a prolific performer for a few years now, will bring his one-legged dance of comedic wit to the stage. We’ll also be dazzled, possibly horrified, by some newer comics like Alex Alvarez, John Severs, and Marc Wironen, a Boston-area native who’s mainly performed in various Portland venues this past year.

This show is for ages 21 and over, and the cover charge is a sliding scale of $3 to $5.