Craigslist Corvallis: Best of Missed Connections

Missed Connections art by Sophie Blackall

All people share common bonds, and perhaps the most common of them all are matters of the heart and/or trousers. And these matters, they’re all over the place. In class, on the bus, bustling about in the adjoining toilet. So what do we do when these glorious, but fleeting moments pass us by all too quickly? We get all up on The Internets.

And we here at The Corvallis Advocate believe in both The Internets, and the power of the pants—er, love that is. And so we present to you fine citizens some of the best recent local missed connections, ala craigslist.

FedEx delivery driver – w4m – 35 (3rd St. Downtown Corvallis )
I wait to see you when you drop off deliveries.. Lots of amazon packages for a business , right 🙂 You always come to my side for the signature. I’m glad you are covering for our original courier.. I can’t find you on Facebook and don’t know your name and I’m usually too busy or on the phone to chat when you come in.. If u know who you are and think you know who I am,- reply. 🙂 hope to hear from you soon.

Pita Pit – m4m – 25 (Corvallis)
I was in Pita Pit for lunch today and when you came back from a delivery run it struck me how cute you are. You don’t look like other people I have seen working there (no earrings for starters). Don’t know if you are interested, but if you are let me know what leafy vegetable you restocked after your co-worker got it out.

re: Pita Pit Cutie – m4w – 57 (Corvallis)
Wow. I’m certain you’re referring to me!
I don’t work at Pita Pit on Monroe but I’m pretty sure “Pita Pit” was a metaphor for “Taco Bell” and “Monroe” was a metaphor for “9th street”. I dreamt about you too last night and, believe it or not, today at work on my break I went in the back and “topped off the sour cream container” thinking of you…if you know what I mean. 😉

Next time you’re in town, stop in for a chalupa. Ask for extra sour cream and I’ll deliver!

In the words of a musical genius:
“I want you smothered, want you covered
Like my Waffle House hash browns”

Asian girl who loves Harry Potter – m4w – 100 (Corvallis) – 100
We’ve known each other for quite some time now. I’m not in a position where I can reveal what I feel for you. Every once in a while you give me a look that makes me think that you feel something for me, although I can never be sure. I doubt you’ll read this, but if you do just know that I’d love to see where things go for us.

Black SUV on 10th – m4m – 29 (Corvallis) – 29
Alright, long shot. I was jogging today on 10th and you driving a black SUV (toyota?). We briefly smiled at each other. Let me know if you need to be serviced.

cute cb guy 🙂 – w4m – 35 (Corvallis) – 35
hi, yesterday you helped me with my car. though you’re a little young, I think you’d make a perfect husband and father to my 5 kids. if you’re not busy we can tie the knot next weekend. please write me back if you find this message. <3

Math Class Boy – w4m (Corvallis, OR)
You are in my math class, you sat behind me today. I think you are cute. I think we’ve talked once before. You were in my math class last term too, and we are both retaking it. If this is you, what math class is it and what building is it in?

spider – w4m – 22 (corvallis) – 22
you were at my house and showed me a spider. tell me where you found the spider and what you had it contained in… i doubt this will work but you were so my type!

Girl with red hair and snake bites – m4w – 23 (Corvallis/OSU) – 23
I was crossing the street on Monroe from that Lime Grass place across from Interzone heading to campus way, you were walking down Monroe from Dutch Bros. area.
We made eye contact for a second and I smiled at you but you seemed to give me a look of disgust?
anyways, I wanted to say that you look so amazing with the red hair and snake bite mixture. its absolutely outstanding and rare =3
If you see this, let me know if you think this is you and if the look you gave me was really a bad one or not. If not, Maybe we could start talking a bit? =)

RE RE RE ******* *******, – m4w
To those who are asking about *******, I will be very honest with you. CL is not the place for this, also she does not feel comfortable with you people harassing her this way, she has contacted each of you asking you to stop talking about her on CL, now she is married with 2 kids, I am her husband and we are very much in love and looking to have at least 7 more kids, she also has a great job FYI. Now while she has tried being polite, I am now telling you to knock off the harassment, stop posting her name on CL, if this does not happen I will ask CL to report your IP addresses to the police and we will find out who you are and then the real fun begins.

Have a great day! (o.-)

The banging booty at Murphy’s – m4w – 24 (Corvallis ) – 24
You waited on me tonight and your fine booty had me in a trance, we flirted a little and I’d love to hit the bars with you sometime.

Togos on Campus – m4w
First, I want to say that all you ladies that work at Togo’s on campus are smokin hot, always nice, and make awesome sandwiches. Second, I have a special thing for the girl who maybe recently lightened her hair? And don’t you have a twin sister who has worked there, or am I just dreaming up twin fantasies? Seriously, every time I walk past or get a sandwich from you I get all duhhduhhh damn!

by Johnny Beaver