Sick Town Derby Dames Uncivil War Recap: Blue Takes Out Black!

End of bout high-fives for (left to right) Sugar Magrollya, Shankee Doodle, and Chelle F.U. Up. Photo by Jim “MacGroovy” Magruder © 2012.

On Saturday, February 2nd, the Sick Town Derby Dames kicked off their 2013 roller derby season with the Uncivil War intra-league (Sick Town skaters vs. Sick Town skaters) bout, pitting the Black Team against the Blue Meanies. Incorporating the new WFTDA rule set and several skaters new to bouting, the game was penalty heavy, with jammers and blockers in and out of the box. In one jam, the Blue Meanies’ Dixie Skullpopper was the only Meanie on the track—her team’s jammer and other three blockers were waiting out their time in the penalty box (in true derby spirit, Skullpopper still managed to land a hit on Team Black jammer and fan favorite, Arctic Wolfsbane).

Team Black had a strong showing, but the Blue Meanies quickly brought their A-game and dominated the scoreboard. Team Black pushed back hard—and even came within a few points of a tie—but after halftime, the Blue Meanies came out fighting and increased the point spread until Team Black had almost no hope of recovery. Final score: 245 to 185. Come the December rematch, new skaters will be old pros, and the rule set will no longer be an issue—and Team Black will have something to prove.

by Mica Habarad