Hell’s Belles and Rodrigo Valenzuela at the Majestic

Hell’s Belles Rock ACDC

World-renowned and endorsed by Angus Young himself, enter Hell’s Belles, a phenomenal all-female AC/DC cover band. Taking the stage at the Majestic next Friday, Feb. 15, they are certain to impress. With virtuoso guitar work and a stage presence that approaches that of the original band, these feminist fantasticos bring a wild rendition of those classic blues rock riffs. Amber, Mandy, Laura, Lisa, and Adrian “Angus” are committed to bringing their audience authentic AC/DC while, as stated on their online bio, “representing for a whole new generation of women that won’t be intimidated.”

Opening for the Belles is the Northwest’s premier Joe Satriani Tribute Band, Ice-9, which includes Corvallis locals Jimmy Knowles, Gerret Lane, Dustin Gibbons, and Derek Adams. Prepare for skillful, high-energy instrumental rock… Come get thunderstruck!

Hell’s Belles performs on Friday, Feb. 15 at 9:30 p.m. at Corvallis’ Majestic Theatre. Tickets for the 21-and-up show are $17 at the door, $14 in advance, and $14 for Majestic members. For more information or tickets, call 541-738-7469 or visit http://www.majestic.org.

 Art by Rodrigo Valenzuela, Alongside ¡Bocón!

As part of its new Artist in Residence program, Majestic Theatre is hosting a display of video art by award-winning Chilean video artist and photographer Rodrigo Valenzuela. Beginning Saturday, Feb. 9 with the showing of theatrical perfomance ¡Bocón!, the display runs through Feb. 28. Two of Valenzuela’s video works will be featured, including Diamond Box and Marcha, for free and open public viewing.

Diamond Box works to bring humanity and reality to migrant workers, dispelling unjust assumptions about so-called “illegals.” A variety of individuals were interviewed and given a chance to tell their stories to the camera.

Marcha explores the gaze as revealing of doubt and power. The piece consists of two screens displaying the same military parade. Each has a different focus: one on the vulnerability of individual faces striving to embody and emulate a group behavior, and the other on the loss of individualization in the march.

by Joel Southall