The Riots: Occupy the Dance Floor at Sub Zero’s New Event Series

Big things are happening for the local music scene, folks!  This past weekend I was able to sit down with Chance Jackson, the promoter and booking agent for Sub Zero’s exciting new live concert series, The Riots.

Jackson wants Corvallis to tap into the I-5 touring circuit and bring awareness to many of our talented but largely unknown musicians. His plan is to introduce Corvallis acts to major, touring bands and labels through The Riots, which runs every Thursday night. The first step in this plan will be to bring as many touring and local bands to Sub Zero as possible, with bigger acts following as the project grows. I encourage all you hip Corvallisites to get down on the dance floor and support the local music scene!

Having attended the first of the series, it’s obvious that Sub Zero offers an exciting new venue for performers. The acoustics are good, the service professional, and the dance floor can certainly accommodate a fairly sizable crowd. Sub Zero hosted the first of its live concert series this past Thursday, Jan. 10, with Jordan Norton, Radion, Mission Control, and Browntown, bringing in a great turnout. Those above 18 were free to rock the dance floor to great tunes, while those above 21 could chill at the sectioned off bar. What a great feeling to see so much of the local scene out as well as new faces, supporting good, local music.

Next up we have 89′ Dynasty playing Jan. 17 at 9:30 p.m. Beyond this, Jackson has booked a San Francisco hip-hop act called Sellassie which will also feature local rap artists. This raw, self-described Black Panther movement inspired artist and accompanying acts are slated to go down the 31st. Sound interesting? Come check it out!

by Joel Southall

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