Is Corvallis’ Downtown Healthy? City Club Finds Out

What makes a city’s downtown district successful—is it plentiful local businesses, a bustling mall, or wide open green spaces? Is Corvallis’ own downtown in good health?

At the Monday, Jan. 14 Corvallis City Club meeting, Joan Wessell of the Downtown Corvallis Association and Oscar Hult of the Albany Downtown Association will lead a discussion about the past, present, and future health of our local downtown areas. Both of these individuals play important roles in maintaining and promoting integral aspects of their respective cities—working to recruit and promote locally owned business, encourage investment and tourism, and enhance the beauty and livability of our downtown neighborhoods. Through their considerable combined experiences, learn what it takes to make a city’s downtown tick—and discuss what doesn’t work.

The Corvallis City Club meets in the Banquet Room of the Renaissance Building, 136 SW Washington Street, from 12 to 1:15 p.m. Attendance is free. Lunch is $8 for members and $10 for non-members. To register, email Nick Houtman ( with “City Club January 14” in the subject line. For more information, visit

by Genevieve Weber