’89 Dynasty: New Corvallis Band Rocks Interzone and Sub Zero

Photo by Joel Southall

Corvallis, meet ’89 Dynasty—I know you’ll get along swimmingly.

Four-piece band ‘89 Dynasty, fusing punk, metal, emo, and more, started in Corvallis in September of 2012. They’ve since been featured live on local radio station KBVR, and they performed at Bombs Away Café this past December. Though they are a relatively new band, ’89 Dynasty features veteran local rock stars from other groups, including the illustrious Summer Soundtrack.

Joel Hatton, one of the guitarists, has been playing music for the past ten years in bands such as Movin’ On and In Regards to Records. Besides boasting honed musicianship, Joel brings an energetic and confident rock-star sensibility.

Also featured is Travis, the bassist from Summer Soundtrack. However, there are no awesome, “tundra throttling” bass lines this time (to borrow a description by Cory Frye in the December 28th issue of the Entertainer). Instead, Travis brings complex metal-wrought (That’s METAL, growling, with horns!) drums to provide a perfect rhythm to compliment the electric rock and punk aesthetic of Joel, Ben, and Brent’s guitars.

To paraphrase Ben, the youngest member, a talented guitarist, and the writer of several of the band’s songs to this point, “This is a fresh f#@%*#’ band, fresher than fa-breeze.”

So c’mon, kids, unearth a piece of Corvallis’ underground scene this January 11th at Interzone with Triacus and MetaMantra (for free!), and on the 17th at Sub Zero ($5 for 18-20 and 2$ for 21+).

by Joel Southall

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