The Wanderlust Circus: Spectacular Antics in Corvallis

Hailing from Portland, Wanderlust Circus troupe brings a unique amalgamation of talent and stage antics to Corvallis. After interviewing one half of the masterminds behind the operation, I have little doubt that Wanderlust will please all curious eyes and ears.

Noah Mickens and Nick “the Creature”, the troupe’s co-directors/co-producers, have a broad vision: Nothing less than an eventual “single multifaceted enterprise,” spanning multiple regions and erasing the separation between troupes.  This has already begun with the creation of another troupe with the name Wanderlust Circus, headquartered in San Diego.  The two troupes, while being their own independent entities, are known to collaborate, which Nick hopes to see happen more.

Wanderlust has graced the Majestic once before, in Spring 2012, as a side-project called The Mara Hari Hustle co-created with Karolina Lux and SwingTime PDX.  This cabaret act, as co-founder/co-director Noah Mickens states, was different than their usual fare.  What Wanderlust usually does, Noah calls a mix between cirque nouveau and theatre.   In his words, they play “the role of a circus, putting on a show and contending with all sorts of obstacles and intrigue amongst the different characters. Like the old Muppet Show.”  Wanderlust consists of “circus artists, singers, actors, dancers, all sorts of people who we bring in when there’s a particular role or a particular story that’s right for them.”

However, while Noah Mickens and Nick the Creature do act as the directors, writers, and producers of the show, they are not a traditional theatre group.

“The performers in our shows create their circus acts autonomously, and spend hours every week refining their craft and working up new tricks and routines,” they said.

Noah and Nick merely facilitate the integration of each element with their own stories, allowing for a satisfyingly spectacular night’s entertainment. So come, be a part of the experience and watch the troupe so talented that the rapper Coolio once attempted to buy an aerialist from them!

The Wanderlust Circus at Corvallis’ Majestic Theatre will run January 11th and 12th at 7:30 p.m. For tickets ($14 – $20), call 541-738-7469 or purchase online at

by Joel Southall