Why Buy Local

Besides changing its meal of choice, little is different about this year’s Buy Local First Brunch series. Previously the Buy Local First Breakfast series, the events are an excuse for community members to get together, eat, and celebrate local businesses. This year the Corvallis Independent Business Alliance will be presenting a spread of biscuits and gravy, pancakes, a tofu scramble, and more, in order to spread one simple message: buy local first.


The Corvallis Independent Business Alliance is made up of local business owners who want to preserve the unique Corvallis atmosphere by advocating for the independent businesses that define the economy and culture ofCorvallis. In doing so, they hope to create a healthy and stable economy in Corvallis.


President of CIBA, Kate Lindburg, explains, “Locally-owned independent businesses are a large part of Corvallis’ character, giving it that unique feel and vibrancy that sets Corvallis apart.”


So why is it so important to buy locally? Shopping locally enriches the diverse downtown environment, and stimulates the local economy. By buying from independent businesses, buyers ensure that their money will be put back into the community. Local businesses buy local, pay more in property taxes, and commit themselves more to projects and causes within the community. For these reason’s, CIBA strives to involve the Corvallis community in a movement that is so close to home.


The Buy Local First Brunch, held on Saturday, July 7th, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Methodist Church on Monroe, is a way for CIBA volunteers and community members alike to celebrate this message. The cost is only $10 for adults and $6 for children under twelve, with coupons available at all participating businesses. All of the food is prepared and bought locally, and there are even gluten-free options available. The brunch is a great way to meet the neighbors and friends, and converse with local business owners and buyers alike.




The brunch is a community reminder of the power that independent businesses in Corvallishave. As Lindburg explains, “We know that Corvallisis too small to produce everything we need locally, all we are asking folks to do is to try to find what they need at a locally-owned business first.”


By: Elizabeth Harbaugh