Vivi’s Lust & Love: No Blow Zone

Q: Dear Vivi, 

I enjoy getting blowjobs, but my girlfriend doesn’t like to give them. Is there anything that I can do to encourage her to give more head?

— No Blow Zone

A: My question to you is have you asked her why she doesn’t enjoy giving blow jobs? For many women, taste is a huge factor. I hate to break it you guys, but semen doesn’t taste all that great. Another reason may be that she is uncomfortable with the notion of putting your penis in her mouth, or perhaps she has a problem with her gag reflex and doesn’t want to throw up on you. Regardless of her reason, you need to respect the fact that she doesn’t like to go down on you. Don’t try to manipulate her into doing anything that she is uncomfortable with. As for encouraging her, let her know that you really enjoy it, and that it is a turn on for you. You could try using flavored condoms to improve the taste, or using a numbing gel to prevent her from gagging. Making you happy sexually is something that she wants to do, but let her decide when she’s ready to head down south.

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