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There’s no such thing as “Popping your Cherry”

For years ladies have labored under the myth that virginity is something we lose. This “barrier,” the hymen, keeps us pure and virginal until the day we give up, give in, and let a man “pop our cherry.” Well fear not, my lovelies. Because it’s a total crock. The reality is that you never lose your hymen. The hymen does not, I repeat does not, cover the entire entrance to your vagina (except in rare medical instances when it does). Your hymen is a very thin, elastic membrane that is pushed to the side during sex. The more sex, fingering, or masturbation you have, the more elastic it becomes. Couples who experience the pain or bleeding during first sex often do so because they are too forceful, or don’t use enough lubrication. This is an interesting myth that says a lot about how we view sex in our culture. So lay your fears to rest, ladies, because you haven’t lost anything.