Vivi’s Lust and Love: The Clitoral Truth

There has been a huge amount of debate over the female orgasm. Whereas men tend to have only one type, women’s climax comes in two different varieties: vaginal and clitoral. This can create a lot of performance anxiety for men, and a lot of stupid misconceptions too. Namely, that the clitoral orgasm is “inferior” to the vaginal orgasm, and that if your partner can’t achieve this, then you’re not doing a good job. So if you’re of this mindset, allow me to blow your mind: some women cannot have vaginal orgasms. In fact, approximately one third of all women do not experience this. It has nothing to do with your performance (you can’t “make” her have one) or whether or not she’s into it enough. The vagina comes in all different shapes and sizes, and certain anatomical differences can create an environment where the vaginal orgasm simply isn’t possible. Other times, women only start having vaginal orgasms after 30, or after they have a baby. The fact remains, some women cannot achieve orgasm without direct stimulation of the clitoris – which means a little extra attention.

By Vivian Bailey