Vivi’s Love and Lust: Craving A Little More

Q: Dear Vivi,

I want to spice up my nightly romps. I’m thinking about using food – is this a good idea?

— Craving a Little More

A: Using food in the bedroom is a great idea! I definitely recommend it. There are many foods that are good to use – let’s start with the basics: chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and honey. These sweets are perfect for sexy night in. Be creative with them too, we’re talking Varsity Blues here – go all out with whipped cream bikini, a drizzle of chocolate here, a bit of honey there, have some fun! You can also bring in some fruits, like berries, and dip them in chocolate and feed them to each other. Or use the fruit to help coat your partner with chocolate. Just don’t use sugary foods as lubrication as they can cause very uncomfortable infections later. Kissing using mints or ice cubes can be very fun too. You can use the ice in other sensitive areas as well. The change in temperature from warm to cold can be very erotic.

Another way to use food to spice up your love life is to cook together. In the buff. Not only are you doing something together, you are mercilessly teasing each other. See how long it takes before you absolutely can’t stand it any longer – just remember to turn off the burners!

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