Veracity Spirits: A local flavoring of gin

Photo by Cristina Himka

Have you ever opened up a bottle of gin and felt like you just brought a pine tree forest into your home? Well this is not the case with the gin created by Corvallis’ own Veracity Spirits nestled in the suburbs on Granger Avenue and owned by Chris Neumann and Caitlin Prueitt. Their newest gin, Bankers’ Gin and Native Gin, provide a smooth taste and no smell resembling a bottle of Pine Sol.


The Native Gin is an infusion of flavors created out of 13 ingredients, six of which are local to the Oregon natural environment. Native Gin’s natural Oregon roots are hazelnut, Oregon grapes, Juniper berries from the Cascades, hops, and Myrtle Leaf. This gin has a spicy kick to it with a very subtle hint of the piney smell and taste. The Native Gin is well mixed with tonic water or even cranberry juice.


The pure definition of gin is that it must have Juniper berries in its ingredients. The Juniper berry is the ingredient that creates that piney smell and taste to all gins—so the more Juniper berry in the mix, the more piney it seems. Many cheaper brands of gin use only Juniper berry for its main ingredient, which is what causes the gin to smell like a Christmas tree. At Veracity Spirits, the gin is well mixed with other ingredients to make it less like a forest odor and more of an inspired taste for the gin enthusiast.


The second newest gin to Veracity Spirits is the Bankers’ Gin, named for a banker at Willamette Community Bank that gave Veracity Spirits a startup loan. This gin was created with a flavor in mind. The flavor holds a citrusy under taste and is much drier than its Native Gin counterpart. Bankers’ Gin holds a stronger kick to its taste. Furthermore, the citrusy taste can really be accentuated when adding a lemon or lime to the drink as the citrus flavors compliment themselves in a tropical way.


These two gins can be purchased through Veracity Spirits and Bankers’ Gin will also be in the local Corvallis liquor stores next week. The gins run for $29.85 a bottle through Veracity Spirits. In addition to being able to purchase the gin through Veracity Spirits, people can also attend tastings every 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month.


Veracity Spirits is located at 720 NE Granger Ave, Corvallis, Oregon on the right hand side in the business park. They can be contacted at or by phone at 541-286-4285. The Veracity Spirits website is


By: Cristina Himka