This Dude’s Perspective on Women’s Day

by Chris Singer

Photo: Chris Singer
Don't miss Halie Loren this Friday

While I was running a few errands Sunday morning, I decided to take a drive through campus on my way back home. As I drove by Peavy field, I noticed that the Oregon State University women’s rugby team was playing a match. I had my daughter with me so I decided to stop and watch the match for a few minutes. Even though she’s only just about to turn 3, I love finding opportunities like this to share with her.

One of my biggest goals as a dad is to take the time to show my daughter that the world offers unlimited possibilities for her. Admittedly, that’s not always easy to do. While moments like Sunday morning’s impromptu rugby match present themselves often enough, I’m still very concerned about a culture full of mixed messages for young girls. I’m already seeing the challenges of raising a girl in a culture dominated by lavishly pink-decorated toy aisles for girls, different Lego building brick sets for girls and boys, funding cuts for girls sports teams and stores thinking it’s perfectly reasonable to sell thongs for six-year-olds.

Interestingly enough, today’s issue comes out on International Women’s Day. This year’s International Women’s Day theme is “Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures” and although it was honestly completely unintentional, we here at The Corvallis Advocate think this week’s issue fits in nicely with that theme.

There’s internationally acclaimed jazz singer, Halie Loren coming back to her roots to put on a fantastic concert with the Oregon State University symphony orchestra. In an age where schools are cutting arts and funding left and right, it’s pretty inspiring to see a Corvallis public schools student go on to achieve big things in the world of jazz music.

I’m taking my family to see the kick off of the Sick Town Derby Girls roller derby league season on Saturday. After spending a few hours of time with the team last week, I’ve caught roller derby fever and can’t wait to share it with my daughter.

If you’re into literary arts, there’s some fantastic stuff going on in Corvallis this week. The Womyncentric Magazine will be having a launch party at Aqua and poet Lia Purpura will be on campus as well. Do you know about Calyx Press? They’re an independent, nonprofit publisher of women artists and authors. They have a benefit concert this week. Please check out our calendar for dates and times for each of these events and more.

Like any town across Oregon, Corvallis isn’t perfect. It does make me smile though to see these things taking place in our community. I hope we take advantage of these opportunities to help connect our girls (and boys too!) with the wonderful music, arts, and athletic events our community has to offer.

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