The Rhythm Pimps at Bombs Away Cafe

This Friday, Bombs Away Cafe plays host to the mash-up sounds of rock, reggae and funk that is The Rhythm Pimps.

Over the last year, The Rhythm Pimps have been hard at work recording two new albums. Their latest endeavor “End of Suburbia” features pin-ultimate band and fan favorites, gig staples that have made the band’s live shows so successful over the years. Their harder-edged, ‘Rock Star Mythos’ is scheduled for release later in the year.

Recently their music was featured in Faux Show’s Production’s feature length film – ‘Earth Day’. The Rhythm Pimps have been gaining exposure with their song ‘Welcome to Hollywood’ that has been featured on local radio stations around the North West. ‘Welcome to Hollywood’ is also used in the opening credits for the Portland-based web program, ‘Pirate Satellite TV.’

Friday’s show on April 20th begins at 10 p.m. Bombs Away Cafe is located at 2527 NW Monroe Ave in Corvallis.

All of The Rhythm Pimps albums can be streamed for review and listening pleasure at Follow The Rhythm Pimps on Facebook at