The Advocate…Start Here

And here it is, our first issue, and it is tempting here to write something of scale; a bold declaration imbued with grandeur of purpose that recounts steely determination to build something from nothing – and all that.

And all of it would be true; the things that I could write, but then those very truths would force a diminution of our integrity as we might then cling to them rather than move organically over time.

The thing here, this week, is the start. On one level it is huge if you continue to check us out each week and it may be even larger if you do not. Over time, we will be more than our start and right now it is all that we are.

Intention being what it is, we hope to bow under and walk the top of a certain immoveable bedrock of standards so that this publication can venture wherever it must. I could go on about all that, but then my proclamations and promises may unintentionally lie and I do not find that interesting to do.

For now or over time, this new newsweekly will be as it is and how you see it. We do invite anyone willing to participate, challenge and maybe get shot down, or adored.

And finally, a personal note, and you know who you are…. Namaste.