Sustainability Class Offered at OSU

Photo by Sarah Page

For those interested in learning more about sustainability on an individual and global level, OSU offers Geo 300 Sustainability for the Common Good. This class dives into all aspects of sustainability and the problems in our current way of life. Students learn how about the population growth problem as the planet just hit 7 billion people and will most likely get to 9.2 billion people by 2050. The class also deals with problems in food production, chemical usage, the resource waste problem among human beings, human health issues with diseases, and new innovative ways for living a sustainable lifestyle. Furthermore, students are given the opportunity to learn to be more sustainable themselves through community civic projects and the sustainability promise where the student picks a challenge for themselves to attempt for the entire length of the class. Some examples of this challenge might be eating organically, composting, riding a bike instead of driving, or planting a garden. Geo 300 provides an opportunity to learn about every aspect of sustainability and how to create a society that the Earth can sustain.


This class is taught Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer terms and is a three credit course. In order to register for this class, a person must pay $25 for the application fee and then become accepted through admissions to be a student. It is not necessary to enroll as a full time student; a person can simply enroll only for the one class which would cost $185 per credit. In order to register for this coming Fall term, it is necessary to get your admissions application in as soon as possible so that the school has time to process it in time for you to register before classes begin on September 24, 2012.


By Cristina Himka