Smashing Patriarchy, One Chord At A Time

Interzone Café to Host Night of DIY Punk Rock

Photo: Niki Pretti

This Sunday, Interzone plays host to an all-ages punk rock show featuring Angries, Dark Beach, Agatha, Dogjaw, and Vises, five women- and queer-centric bands from five different cities along the west coast. The show takes place at 6:00 pm and there is a $5 sliding scale donation requested. Interzone is located at 1563 NW Monroe Street.

Local punk heavyweights Angries, who have been electrifying the I-5 corridor since 2007, headlines the show. Their 6-song EP “Nothing New For Trash Like You” is one of the most popular albums at Happy Trails Records and their 7” split record with California’s Hooray for Everything was named one of the best releases of 2011 by The Entertainer.

Fans of Hooray for Everything will recognize ½ of Oakland’s Dark Beach, the new project of HFE guitarist and vocalist Faith Gardner. Joined by Melissa Dale on drums, the duo plays lo-fi, punked-out surf that sounds like Sleater-Kinney at a goth beach party.

Seattle’s Agatha and Olympia’s Dogjaw play different genres of punk rock yet remain unmistakably northwest in sound. Agatha’s angular, politically-charged queercore harkens back to riot grrrl giants like Bikini Kill, addressing topics ranging from gender identity in a heterosexist society to community building under capitalism. Dogjaw represents the grungier end of the musical spectrum, playing brooding, metal-tinged punk with occasional nods to indie and post-punk.

Rounding out the lineup is the Portland trio Vises, who despite being less than one year old already have a west coast tour and a four-track EP to their credit. They play reverb-drenched garage punk rooted in classic rock and roll, a satisfying stomp that calls to mind ‘90s bands like L7.

Interzone is Corvallis’ premier all-ages music venue and has been hosting events since they first opened their doors in 1998. They welcome people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, sexualities, abilities, and classes, and strive to create a safe space for all show attendees.