New Issue: November 21st, 2012

In this issue of The Corvallis Advocate…

Gifts for a Better World: This Holiday Season, Support Local and Fair Trade

Do Something By Doing Nothing? It’s Buy Nothing Day!

OSU Re-Shapes the Metal Casting Industry: Sugar Wears a New Hat

Conscientious Gift-Giving: Local, Meaningful Gift Ideas… That Won’t Get Re-gifted Next Year

Oregon’s Civil War: Culture Win or Fail?

Corvallis Tackles 3D Printing: Will DIY Fabrication Kill the Manufacturing Industry?

Fracking the Volcano

Greenbelt Land Trust: Protecting the Health of Our Valley, One Acre at a Time

Investing in Corvallis: Corvallis Independent Business Alliance Shows You How

Calling All Corvallis Art Spaces

My Slow Season…

The Friendliest Corner

Corvallis Slow Food and Ten Rivers Food Web Present: Terra Madre Day

Picks of the Week!

A Corvallis Advocate Haiku

Calendar: November 21st – November 29th