New Issue: November 15th, 2012

November 15th, 2012

In this issue of The Corvallis Advocate…

Corvallis Gears Up for the Bag Ban: Make Your Own Bags with the Bring Your Bag Coalition

America’s 51st State?: Puerto Rico Votes in Favor of Statehood for the First Time in History… Or Does It?

Running, Biking, and Swimming Under the Radar: OSU’s Triathlon Club Wins Nationally

Scientists Develop Fuel From CO2

Mountain Pine Beetles: Disaster for America’s Grizzlies?

Corvallis Revolutionizes Safe Drinking Water: Wastewater Treatment Plant Pioneers Equipment by Local Company, ZAPS Technology

Past, Future, Tradition, Invention: The Old World Deli Center is a Corvallis Institution

Locally-Sourcing Your Thanksgiving Feast: A Resource Guide So You Don’t Have to Sleuth

Are Video Games Art?: The Evolution of Video Games as an Artistic Medium

Johnny Beaver’s Top 10 B-List Films: John Waters, Bruce Campbell, and of course, Ron Jeremy

Playing What He Loves: Tony Furtado, World Class Musician, Comes to Corvallis and Eugene

Culture Fail: Two Candidates, Zero Options

CIBA Presents: Small Change, Big Change – Investing in Our Community

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A Corvallis Advocate Haiku

Calendar: November 15th – November 22nd