Natural Areas Celebration Week (May 5 – 13)

The Corvallis Sustainability Coalition, in conjunction with their many partners, invites the public to participate in a Natural Areas Celebration Week. Free events will occur daily from May 5th through May 13th to celebrate the natural areas in and around Corvallis. Events vary from interpretive nature walks to photography workshops to volunteer work.

The goal of the Natural Areas Celebration Week is to foster community appreciation for the natural areas, and build commitment for expanding and restoring the open space of greater Corvallis.

“Our hope is that by sharing ideas and knowledge about our natural areas during Celebration Week, people will be more likely to participate in enhancing them, and to support the protection of our ecosystem as a whole,” said Molly Monroe, Natural Areas Action Team leader for the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition.

“Natural Areas are an important part of our community. They are part of the puzzle that keeps our ecosystems healthy including the water we drink and the air we breathe. As sanctuaries to our native plants and wildlife, they provide us with places to go to discover and enjoy the species that live there.”

Events Include:
Saturday, May 5th
* Kings Valley Archeology Walk
* Work Party at Finley Wildlife Refuges Fiechter House & Cabell Barn
* Digital Photography Workshop at Finley Wildlife Refuge

Sunday, May 6th
* Birdsong Walk at Willamette Park
* Spring Garden Festival
* Corvallis Parks and Recreation’s Tour of Trees
* Wildflower Walk at Peavy Arboretum
* Talking Water Gardens Tour and Walk (Albany)

Monday, May 7th
* Herbert Farm and Natural Area Tour
* Evening Walk at Bald Hill Farm

Tuesday, May 8th
* Toddler Storytime at Library
* Evergreen Field Day Volunteer Event
* “Effects of Climate Change on Prairie Ecology” ~ Lecture at Library

Wednesday, May 9th
* Infant Storytime at Library
* Jackson-Frazier Wetland Tour
* Restoration and Butterfly Hike at Beazell Memorial Forest
* Marys River Natural Area Restoration & Wildflower Walk

Thursday, May 10th
* Pre-school Storytime at Library
* Franklin School Neighborhood & Tree Tour
* McDonald Forest New & Old Growth Nature Walk
* “Corvallis Backyard Birds” ~ Lecture at Library

Friday, May 11th
* Wobbler Storytime at Library
* Tyee Wine Cellars Bonfire, Wine Tasting, and Owling

Saturday, May 12th
* Audubon Society of Corvallis second Saturday, half-day field trip
* Finley Wildlife Refuge Barns & Bluegrass
* Woodpecker Loop Wildflower Walk at Finley
* Wildflower Walk at Finley
* Birding Photography Walk
* Bat Night! At Starker Arts Park

Sunday, May 13th
* Chintimini Wildlife Center Tour and Baby Shower

For a full listing of events, including meeting locations, contact information, and event descriptions, go to