Makers’ Space Reviving The Majestic Theatre

by Magdalen O’Reilly

The Majestic has been a Corvallis staple for almost 100 years. The recent launch party marked the beginning of a renaissance for the theatre, the new endeavor, Makers’ Space, is an alternative arts program that will run through the Majestic Community Theatre. The Makers’ Space launch party was well attended. The Red Raven Follies performed, as well as a fascinating performance piece by Jessica Graff inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The project is curated by Josephine Zarchovich, an arts writer who moved here in the last year from California. She’s very excited about the project saying, “Makers’ Space is about culture as adventure and we all get to be Indiana Jones!”  the spirit of the project is in engaging the community and interacting in art, not just experiencing it from the sidelines. Executive Director, Corey Pearlstein and Zarchovich are hesitant to label the Markers’ Space as anything specific, allowing it the flexibility to grow and evolve as it’s audience grows. But the space has been classified as a salon, and not the kind of a salon where you get your hair done.

Originally, a salon was a term used to describe a place for gathering. Before television hijacked our brains and attention spans, communities were forced to interact and entertain each other. Makers’ Space aims to be just that. They’ll be hosting events, workshops, lectures, art exhibitions and more. But ultimately what Makers’ Space becomes is up to the people of Corvallis. The community takes the space and makes it was it is. This allows the project to evolve into something that is unique to Corvallis and it’s people.

One of the first events to be scheduled is “Drink and Draw”, a monthly party whose title says it all- come to drink, socialize, and draw. The atmosphere is fun and casual, the March 6th event was packed with both new and return artists. BFF Cupcakes provided free gourmet cupcakes (Mexican Chocolate and Pistachio Rosewater flavor) and the Majestic sold beer and wine. Locals of all skill levels come together, drawing and making connections. Art supplies are provided, however some people opted to bring their own projects. Drink and Draw is the first Tuesday of every month. They are also having an open house to introduce the “Majestic Lab”, a low cost rental space run through the theatre to allow artists and performers a chance to exhibit their work- whatever it may be. Open house is March 19th at 7:30pm. Keep an eye out for more upcoming events through Makers’ Space and the Majestic.