Got the Munchies? Marijuana-Themed Franchise Opens in Corvallis

by Magdalen O’Reilly

Arizona franchise Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs is setting up shop here in Corvallis. Named after the Tone Loc song Cheeba Cheeba, Cheba Hut is a marijuana and counter-culture themed sub sandwich shop. Owner Ryan Holder, originally from Colorado, started his first restaurant in Eugene. After doing very well there, Holder and his partner Adam Tolbert decided to expand to Corvallis. The shop will feature sandwiches like “Silver Haze”, “Kush”, and “Chronic”, as well as many others. There is also an entire section of the menu dedicated to “Munchies”:  rice krispy squares, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and hemp brownies.

So why a weed-themed restaurant? “It’s a unique concept,” says Holder. “It draws attention and gets people in the door. Once they’re here, people will notice the quality of the food.” Cheba Hut will be opening at 2043 NW Monroe, right next to campus. Although the two stores are owned by the same people, they hope foster a rivalry between the Eugene and Corvallis branches, mirroring the Duck Vs. Beaver civil war.

Oregon is a relatively ‘green’ state. We have a reputation for being pot-friendly; which might explain why the Cheba Hut franchise has been doing so well. And not surprisingly, Holder and Tolbert have had few complaints about the controversial restaurant. “No [we haven’t], there’s always going to be haters out there. But bad press is still good press.” Despite the décor, Cheba Hut does not affiliate itself with any pro-legalization activism. The owners say, “We’d like to focus on the food.”

The grand opening is set for April 13. The restaurant will be having a canned food drive special for the local food bank: two dollar sandwiches for anyone who donates canned items.