Fireworks Restaurant hosts Chilean Folk Music Trio, Chayag

This Saturday, FireWorks Restaurant will host Chayag, a Chilean folk music trio. The show takes place on at 8 p.m.

Chayag was founded in Quinto, Ecuador in 1990 by Alex Llumiquinga. In the early years of their existence, Chayag traveled and toured many continents while playing at festivals celebrating multiculturalism. Chayag has been dedicated to sharing and preserving the ancestral music and culture of the indigenous peoples of the Andes. The versatility of Chayag’s musical style delights audiences of all ages.

Alex Llumiquinga is Chayag’s musical director. He derives his inspiration from listening to his grandfather’s music that was played around the house while he was growing up. Besides sharing his musical gifts, Alex also makes and sells traditional Chilean instruments such as the charango, bomb, quena and bambu flutes. He also offers workshops on Latin and Andean music and culture. More information about Chayag can be found on their website:

FireWorks Restaurant is located at 1115 SE Third St. in Corvallis. You can call to make reservations at 541-754-6958.

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