Finger Licking Good: An Art Exhibit About Food

The Arts Center’s Main Gallery exhibit for May will be concerned with food — not nutritional values or growing techniques, but on the visual interest of specific foods and food production environments.

A range of foods and environments are represented in the exhibit; some of the artworks have a serious subject matter, while others are more humorous. Artists working in painting, four different directions of photography, Japanese katazome (stencil dying) on cotton, ceramics, and non-art media are all represented.

Some of the questions the exhibit strives to address include: where does modern food come from, are M&M’s really food and what does it mean to paint a piece of cake?

Some of the artists participating in this exhibit include C. Lill Ahrens, Mark Allison, Joey Azul, Agnes Barton – Sabo, Rich Bergeman, Carol Chapel, Phil Coleman, Randolph Milstein, Karen Miller, Lauren Ohlgren, John Ritchie and Harold Wood from Corvallis, Albany and Philomath. Rhoda Fleischmann is from Brownsville, Paul Gentry from Independence, Lisa Caballero, Kim Campbell, Joseph Spangler and Gigi Conot are form Portland and Renee Couture is from Glide, OR.

For more information call Hester Coucke, The Arts Center Curator, (541) 754-1551.