CultureFAIL Christianity – You’re Doing it Wrong

I feel conflicted writing this week’s Culture Fail. The horrible ramblings of one Pastor Charles Worley to his congregation have gone viral. His truly ungodly rant about how we should “deal” with gays and lesbians in this country is to put them all behind an electrified fence and leave them to die. But Worley’s final solution is almost not applicable to the column, as this is more of a human failure than a cultural one. But I’m making an exception- you’ve earned it, Charlie.


You see, anyone with a brain stem has already made the connection between what this North Carolina Pastor has been spewing and the rhetoric of Adolf Hitler. One would think it doesn’t even need to be stated that you can’t take groups of people and forcibly put them into camps. Historically this really hasn’t worked out. Thankfully, enough of us have an elementary education in history and know this.  I have to wonder what kind of place breeds a person like Charles Worley, and then another 1200 people to come listen to him every Sunday. You know you’ve got a problem when you can easily be decribed as “like Hitler, except less charming.”


Sorry, Charlie. The gays are here to stay. You, on the other hand, could probably leave. And take your weird, gay-bashing congregation with you.


by Magdalen O’Reilly