Culture Fail – Zombies? Get Real.

Well, right on the heels of last week’s CF where I slammed Pastor Worley for his inhuman treatment of the LGBT community, now this week you’re all eating people. Great. Way to raise the bar, USA. If you haven’t been warned, last week a nude man in Miami was shot by police several times after he was found chewing the face off a homeless man. The homeless man, Ronald Poppo, thankfully survived the gruesome attack. Later it was reported that Wayne Carter, a 43 year-old man from New Jersey, barricaded himself in his apartment, and when police showed up on the scene he began to disembowel himself and throw pieces of his intestines at the officers. I can imagine the reporter who broke that story never thought he’d see the day he’d say those words. And even later a student at Morgan State University in Maryland admitted to killing his roommate and eating his organs. And that’s been the last week in news.


So what does this tell us? Besides to stay the Hell away from the East Coast? The reality is probably nothing. The Miami incident is a terrifying look into the possible consequences of experimental drugs, but overall these incidents are most likely a ghastly coincidence. However our popular media is so obsessed with zombies recently, many of us are seeing pathology where there is none. These situations are so close to our films, TV shows and video games that many are forgetting these are real people. Real lives, real deaths. It isn’t awesome, or cool, or the zombie apocalypse we’ve all been waiting for. So let’s all put on our big boy pants and treat these incidents with the gravity they deserve.


By Magdalen O’Reilly