B’aktun 13 On Stage at The Majestic

On Friday, April 13, The Majestic Theatre is presenting B’aktun 13, a bilingual play from the Portland-based Teatro Milagro (Miracle Theatre).

Written by Dañel Malán, B’aktun 13 is the story of Rio, Luz and Sal, who are swept up in an immigration raid and deported to Mexico, where they are suddenly immersed into indigenous cultural experiences. As they are drawn into prophecies surrounding B’aktun 13, the final era in the Mayan calendar, they encounter Mayan deities Ixchel, goddess of water and moon, and Ahpuch, god of death, who lead the trio deeper into a mythological universe. Time revolves like a Mayan calendar as each must face the consequences of their pasts. When the end of the era of B’aktun 13 arrives on December 21, 2012, will the world change? Or will they?

This remarkable production is part of a tour of Oregon communities as well as schools, colleges and universities around the country. The show runs from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. Tickets are only $5.

About Milagro Theatre (The Miracle Theatre Group)
Since 1985. Miracle has produced a broad array of programming that includes public performances as well as specialized touring and education projects that currently encompass all of the Western states. Miracle’s efforts have impacted the community with many positive results and through the successful development of a variety of artistic programs, it has given a prominent voice to issues affecting the local and national Hispanic community.

About the Director:
Matthew B. Zrebski is a multi-award winning playwright, composer, script consultant, and producer-director from Austin, Texas. He has served as the Artistic Director for Youth Could Know Theatre, Theatre Atlantis, and Stark Raving Theatre. He has mounted over 40 world premieres and has had many of his own plays produced. Matthew teaches playwriting through the Literary Arts WITS program as well as for Visions and Voices at Portland Center Stage. He is also an occasional guest professor at Pacific University.

About the Playwright:
Ms. Malán co-founded the Miracle Theatre Group with her husband, José Eduardo González, and in 1989 she created Teatro Milagro. Under her artistic direction, Ms. Malán has created and produced many original bilingual plays, a bilingual residency program Puentes(Bridges) and the BEAT (Bilingual Educator Arts Training) conducted in collaboration with arts groups and school districts in Oregon. For over 20 years, Teatro Milagro has provided opportunities for ethnic artists whose voices  might not otherwise be heard.