OSU Hosts Lumberjack Competition

Photo courtesy: www.outdoorchannel.com

On Friday, March 30th, the world’s top lumberjack athletes will be competing on the campus of Oregon State University as part of the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Series.

The top college competitors out of the West will compete side by side with the top professional competitors in this Western Qualifier to determine who will go to the U.S championships.

The STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Collegiate Series has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception in 2003. The Series currently boasts more than 52 schools, a huge jump from just six schools in 2005. Participating schools select their best lumberjack to go head-to-head in four of the six professional lumberjacking disciplines of:

  • Single Buck (Competitors make one cut through 18″-20″ of white pine using a single man cross cut saw. The competitor may have a helper to wedge the log and keep the saw lubricated. Time ends when the block is clearly severed. single buck, standing block chop, stock saw and underhand chop).
  • Standing Block Chop (Competitors race to chop through 12″-14″ of white pine. The competitor must chop from both sides of the log and the time ends when the block is severed).
  • STIHL Stock Saw (Competitors begin with both hands on the log. When the signal is given, the sawyers, using identical STIHL professional MS660 chain saws, make two cuts through identical logs. No more than 4″ of wood, which is marked by a black line, can be cut).
  • Underhand Chop (The competitor stands, feet apart, on a 12″-14″ log. At the signal, he begins chopping through the log. Before chopping all the way through he must turn and complete the cut from the other side. Time ends when the log is severed completely).

The Collegiate Series has grown into five regional qualifying events, which are similar to collegiate athletic conferences, the Mid-Atlantic, Mid-Western, Northeast, Southern and Western qualifier and one championship.

Fans can also turn out to see professional lumberjack athletes competing in a professional qualifier for a chance to go to the U.S. championship.  In addition to the 4 traditional logging disciplines, the college athletes compete in, the professionals compete in 2 other disciplines:

  • Hot Saw (The competitor uses a customized chain saw with a modified engine. At the signal, the competitor starts the saw and makes three cuts. The competitor must cut no more than 6″ from the log which is marked with a black line).
  • Springboard (The competitor uses two spring boards to ascend to the top of a nine foot pole and chop a firmly attached 12″ diameter block from the top of the pole. The block must be chopped from both sides).

The competition takes place at McAlexander Field House, 1800 SW Jefferson Way in Corvallis. Doors open at 1 p.m. The event is free and will be televised on ESPN.

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