Calling All Corvallis Art Spaces

Despite having such a rich local art community, Corvallis seems to possess a distinct lack of rentable, public spaces for painters, sculptors, and the like who cannot afford domiciles that come complete with upscale accessories like garages and toolsheds.

In need of a place like that myself, I came across only one in my search. Located above the Corvallis Cyclery on 2nd Street and Adams (directly across the street from the Pegasus Gallery) there exists a collection of small- and medium-sized spaces that are friendly to artists of all kinds. With floor plans ranging from 125 to 350 square feet, with very reasonable prices that average from seventy-five cents to a dollar per square foot, this is a great option for anyone with some spare cash who really needs a place to set up and create. Did I mention that there’s also a kitchenette? People love those.

If interested, feel free to call the incredibly friendly owner, Enrique, at 541-207-6331. He tells me that although it is rare for a place to open up (a good sign!), there is one becoming available at the end of this month. And if you know of a place around town, don’t hesitate to let us at the Advocate know so that we can get the word out and help enable our city’s spatially-challenged creative folk.

by Johnny Beaver