New All-Weather Path at Timberhill

Photo by Mica Habarad

The number of all-weather nature trails in Corvallis is set to increase with the completion of a new half-mile path in the Timberhill area. Consisting of a combination of wood composite boardwalk and compacted gravel trail, the path was constructed to stand up to Corvallis’ winter downpours.

The trail wends its way through a city easement adjacent to the Timberhill Natural Area. Beginning as a boardwalk that bridges a creek, the walkway then transitions into a five- to six-foot-wide path of compacted gravel laid over well-drained ground. The trail ends after another small bridge.

Located next to Chepenafa Springs Park, the trail begins at the south end of Shooting Star Drive. To get there, go north on 29th Street—past Walnut Boulevard—then turn right on Daylily and right again onto Shooting Star Drive. There is street parking on Shooting Star Drive for at least eight vehicles. The trail is also accessible via a walkway next to Timberhill Athletic Club on 29th Street—just go north on the walkway, and stay to the right until the boardwalk.

The new trail is well-situated in a highly walkable residential area, and will officially open either Friday, October 26th or Monday, October 29th. Its proximity to Chepenafa Springs Park’s wide open field and asphalt path perimeter—equipped with trash receptacles and disposal bags—makes it an especially dog-friendly option.

By Mica Habarad