Corvallis’ Enviofuel: The Veggie Oil REVOLUTION

Are you concerned about rising gas prices? More importantly, do you wish you weren’t contributing to global warming every time you drove to the grocery store? The Corvallis company Enviofuel helps people with diesel vehicles achieve both goals. Founded eight years ago, the company has converted numerous vehicles from diesel to straight vegetable oil. You may have seen the Hub Cab taxi around town, or the delivery service truck Grease Lightning, both converted by Enviofuel.

According to Nini Henriksen, co-owner of Enviofuel alongside Nate Gunn, a lot of people perform the conversion to save money. Enviofuel sells waste vegetable oil at a cost of about half the price of diesel.

“We collect it from restaurants and bars and supermarkets, anywhere that fries food is an option,” said Henriksen.

Out on the road, you can filter vegetable oil from any restaurant for use in your vehicle, or you can fill your tank with diesel or biodiesel.

Enviofuel adds a second fuel system to the vehicle. The engine starts up on diesel; when it reaches the correct temperature, flip a switch to change over to veggie oil.

Most of the vehicles converted by Enviofuel would otherwise be gas-guzzlers: Mercedes and Dodge trucks, a lot of Ford trucks and some Volkswagens, said Henriksen. Not many passenger cars are available in diesel in the United States, but they’re out there: the Volkswagen Jetta, Passat, and Golf for starters.

“People have saved crazy amounts of money and feel better about driving,” Henriksen noted.

The conversion costs $3,500 to $5,500 depending on the vehicle and desired options. For more information, email or visit

By Jen Matteis