Letter to the Editor: SNAP for Low-Income Students

As a low-income OSU student, I am concerned about the “Students Neglected by SNAP” article which was featured in the Oct. 4-11 issue. I strongly believe that the statements made in the article were inaccurate and potentially detrimental to the perception of availability for help to low-income students. I feel the article’s blanket statement discouraging students from applying or even asking questions with a trained professional is far from unbiased reporting, and sends the wrong message to the community at large.

Food stamp workers make many efforts to reach students, including having representatives come onto campus several times a semester to specifically help the student population. While some may not be eligible for food stamps, there are many reasons for students to take the matter into their own hands and apply. One’s personal situation might make them eligible for food stamps or other benefits like health care, child care, or domestic violence help and some people may benefit from other services that food stamp workers can recommend.

ASOSU, the Associated Students of Oregon State University, suggest that students should contact the Department of Health Services (DHS) to determine if they are eligible on a case-by-case basis. ASOSU refers the student population to DHS when students apply for MealBux, a program offered at OSU.

The DHS telephone number is 541-757-4201. I applied at their local Corvallis office at 545 SW 2nd Street, Suite B. Fellow low-income students: It’s worth the time to see if you are eligible and I hope that this letter will help encourage you to seek out more information for yourself.

By Amy Fletcher