Just a Game Con, 2012: Corvallis’ Best Local Gaming

Corvallis resident Scott Snelling knows exactly where he’ll be on Sept. 29 and 30: Part 2 of this year’s Just a Game Con, sampling board games he’s never played while potentially meeting new people in the process.

With Just a Game Con’s nearly 32 straight hours of gaming, Snelling has attended each and every session since the event first started. When thinking of new games that hooked him, he recalls seeing individuals play the board game Twilight Imperium at a past event.

“I tried it on a later date, and now I own it,” said Snelling.

Hosted by Matt’s Cavalcade of Comics and Cards and Collectibles at the Corvallis Elks Lodge, Just a Game Con features role-playing, and tabletop and board gaming at its finest. Matt Ashland and his associates started the convention as an all-inclusive gaming environment for attendees to freely enjoy their hobbies while meeting other folks with similar interests.

“Whatever your definition of gaming is, it’s what we try catering to,” said Steve Northrop, an employee at Matt’s who describes himself as the “head minion.”

Northrop says the convention itself usually hosts around 300 attendees, and has always been volunteer-oriented. Aside from card, board, and tabletop games, Northrop also said the OSU gamer’s club will be present and enjoying video games.

“[Just a Game Con] is a little bit of everything,” said Northrop.

Just a Game Con 2012: Part 2 starts Saturday, Sept. 29 at 10 a.m. and continues until 6 p.m. the next day. Ticket prices are $8 for one day or $12 for the entire session. Gamers who attend the convention can look forward to gaming sessions featuring a variety of new and classic board games, card games, tabletop games, and other fun experiences they may have overlooked in the past.

Among the most popular games at Just a Game Con is Magic: The Gathering (MTG), a card game created by game designer Richard Garfield in the early 90s. This weekend’s Game Con features a special prerelease tournament for the newest MTG expansion set, titled Return to Ravnica. Included with the $30 tournament entry fee is a free meal from the cafeteria and six Return to Ravnica booster packs. Those interested in entering the MTG prerelease tournament will only need to pay general admission if they also wish to partake in the convention itself, not just the exclusive pre-release event.

As for Snelling, he’ll be quite prepared when the event kicks off.

“I’m bringing some of my own games to play while everyone else arrives,” said Snelling. “I get there as soon as the doors open.”


By Sean Bassinger