Corvallis’ Local Head Shops: Artistic Glass, Stunningly Rendered

Uprise - photo by Genevieve Weber
Uprise - photo by Genevieve Weber
Tony's - photo by William Tatum

While roach clips, metal pipes, and various other DIY utensils were staples among an older generation of “smokers, jokers, and midnight tokers,” today’s smokers are just as frequently found with pieces of glass that look more like functional art than smoking implements. This writer checked out two local shops, Bad Habits and Tony’s Smoke Shop, to see what kind of art was on display for this year’s crop of students.

Bad Habits, which looks like what a Rasta shop from sunnier parts of the world might look like, is smaller than the next door coffee shop, Interzone, but packs more merchandise into a small space than seems possible. Bad Habits has many of the now-standard smoking implements from pipes and hookahs to gas masks and grinders. Bad Habits had a reasonable assortment of all the necessary tools and fair prices, right next to campus. They did have some lovely functional art as well.

Tony’s Smoke Shop, while looking more industrial from the outside, sported some very artistic, yet functional glass. Their store was bright, open, inviting, and the glass was artistically displayed. They showcased their most decorative pieces front and center—as you walk in the door you are greeted with truly exquisitely designed glass. While the utilitarian metal and wood pipe remain staples amongst many, glass remains the cleanest, smoothest, most “refined” way to smoke short of a vaporizer.

Another local place to pick up functional glass art, along with your discs and boards, is Uprise, a brick and mortar culture shop near downtown. While Uprise artfully displays their stunning glass selection, one does have to search for it—this writer had been to the store previously to acquire new discs and hadn’t even known about the glass. The shop, though, is more culture shop than head shop—but the glass on display is some of the most artfully done this writer has ever seen. Nearly every piece on display was an affordable and unique work of art. Clearly the glass at Uprise is for the more discerning and cultured smoker, and art aficionados alike.


By William Tatum



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